There are 7.674 billion people on this planet. Of those, how many are working on innovations that will make the world a better place? A few thousand people? Maybe a hundred thousand, a million?

And what about the other 7.673 billion people? Sprinkled throughout are some truly brilliant individuals, people who are capable of amazing innovation, but for one reason or another, aren’t in that line of work. Even if we consider only the sharpest 0.1%, that’s still millions of people.

What if there was a way to connect the two? To allow the people working on the cutting edge…

The world is currently in the process of rolling out a vaccine that is killing people. Every day, millions of people are getting a jab in the arm that could be their last.

This is not disputed.

There is, of course, another option: not getting the vaccine.

In fact, there are only two options: getting the vaccine or not getting it. It makes perfect sense — assuming you don’t want to die — to pick the one with a lower chance of killing you.

So what are those chances? Well it depends very much on your age and location, so…

Putting an end to email scams is so simple that I’ll explain the entire process in one word in the second paragraph. The rest of the article is just padding. Ready to learn what you need to do? Ready?!….


Now for the padding…

The scamming industry is profitable because there are three types of people:

  1. People who don’t mind ruining someone else’s life to make a few bucks.
  2. People who can be fooled into handing over their money.
  3. People who stand by and let it happen.

Scammers, suckers, and selfish bystanders.

The scammers who steal from the suckers rely…

Releasing an npm package is like trekking through the wilderness. The ideal path will depend on how experienced you are, how much of a hurry you’re in, and whether you’re hiking alone or in a group. This post describes one way to plot a course (the best way).

Truth be told I’m writing this primarily for Future David, because I know he’ll forget the npm commands and make the same mistakes over and over again if I don’t write it all out for him. But maybe you’ll find it useful too.


I’m assuming you know what npm is and know…

Let’s say you want a component that will render a list of things. You want it to be flexible, to be able to render any sort of thing, like this:

Or this:

The implementation might look something like this:

The problem, of course, is that the type of the variable in the renderItem callback will be any.

Hitler wasn’t a violent man. Not in the personal, physical sense. His millions of atrocities were carried out by other people, because he asked them to.

This may seem an odd way to phrase things, but I do so because the idea is important: by stringing together the correct sequence of words, over a long enough period of time, one person can arrange the world into a state where they can say “you there, go forth and murder for me” and their deeds will be done.

Nothing more than words.

Imagine someone had foreseen the future and smothered baby Hitler…

This article is about a design for shelves that’s easy to make (hard to mess up) and doesn’t require a full-blown workshop to construct.

The design is just horizontal slabs of wood for the shelves and vertical threaded rod with nuts to hold them in place (because a shelf without altitude is just a bit of wood on the floor). No nails or screws or glue or any other forms of joinery.

I’ve made two sets of shelves in this vein in the last few weeks, here’s the little one:

… and here’s the big one.

In this post, I walk you through the composition, capture and development of a photo of the cranes at Newington Armory.

The photo

The location

Newington Armory, on the Paramatta River.

The original

Shot with a Canon RP + 35mm lens.

1/20s • ƒ/9.0 • ISO 100

This is part two in a series showing the work behind the scenes to create a particular photo. Part one is here.

The photo

I like this photo, partly because it’s all wrong. The composition is odd, it’s almost entirely out of focus, the colours are faded but not black and white, the lack of contrast is depressing, and the subject matter is a clump of sticks in a drain. Not even a pile of sticks, a clump.

In fact, as I was triaging my shots from this location, my first instinct was to send it to the bin.

The location

This magnificent clump…

This post describes the creation of a particular photograph; it will form part of a series, guided by feedback and my attention span.

The photos themselves are not particularly amazing, and I must confess I don’t think they belong under the spotlight. But as with everything I write, I aim to put out the sort of content I like consuming from other people (“how it’s made” type stuff).

On with the show…

The photo

The when and where

Newington Armory, Sydney (map). 9:30am, 21 July 2020.

The tracks in the photo were built to carry fun-sized trains that trundled to-and-fro between armament stores around this site…

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